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On the 02.12.2009 at 8 p.m. we will present our book during the "Woche gegen Sexismus" in Bamberg. The presentation will be held in English in the "Balthasar", Balthasargässchen 1, 96049 Bamberg. Here's a link to the week's programme (in German) including our presentation:

Presentation on the 02.12.2009

Map to the "Balthasar"

Project Description

We are a collective of people with different migratory experiences, gender identities, sexual orientations and family backgrounds. Some of us have children, some do not, some live with a lot of people, some live alone. Each of us leads a distinct life from the other.

But we all share the idea that discrimination, on whatever ground is taking place, should not be given licence to manifest itself.

We believe that its underlying everyday presence lays out the ground for exclusionary practices, as well as more direct violent offences based on origin, skin pigmentation, gender, sexual orientation and so forth. People who are not considered to comply with certain norms and models are subjected to various disadvantages and are often coerced upon, either by individuals or by more abstract circumstances, to change or even deny certain aspects of themselves.

The 'non-normative children’s book' project was born out of this context.

We all grow up inserted in a society that more or less directly transmits certain ideas and values to us. At a young age it is hard, if not impossible, to decide on which ones to accept and which to reject. At an older age it is sometimes complicated to have distance enough from these same ideas and values to think about them and not just accept them passively.

A child should be allowed to be aware that there are very different ways of living, loving and relating.

This is why we took upon the task of creating this children’s book.

After initially developing the concept for 'non-normative children's literature', we thought it would be a good idea to set up a web-site, and organize readings with children, as well as make all the material available online. The book is being translated into various languages. It is published under a creative commons-licence, this means that everybody can freely distribute and spread it as they wish!

Our project was supported by two major funding bodies and private donations.


If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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