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The Book
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The concept of this book is the result of several conversations in which we realized how closed and normative mainstream children's literature usually is.

Frequently children's literature reproduces normative images and assumptions instead of questioning them. These assumptions are strongly present in society, affecting each of us from early childhood. We think, in order to create a more open society, all of us have to tackle these assumptions by talking openly and as free from social pre-conceptions as possible.

In our opinion certain issues should not be avoided under the false justification that the child is “too young” to be put in contact with situations that are conventionally seen as “unusual”.

To exist in a society where these situations are present is not only reason enough to explain them as equally valid as any other, but a requisite to move towards a less discriminating mentality.

In this inclusive logic, we decided not to have these issues assuming a central role in the stories, but to have different models as background elements. They are presented as part of every day life and therefore deserve to be treated as such.

Having this in mind, we would say this is not a book for passive reading. It will raise questions, it will demand explanations and promote discussion with and between children.


Fredi, Liam, Dani, Alex and Fatma are a group of kids who all live in the same street. They have known each other for quite a long time, and have become each other’s best friends.

In these stories we’ll have the chance of getting to know them a little bit better!

We’ll be with them as they discover an abandoned house, we’ll see how Fredi deals with her nightmares, how Liam spends his Sunday with his father, we’ll learn about Dani’s passion for dance, we’ll join Alex, as she moves in with her sister, and we’ll see how they all prepare a party at Fatma’s flat!

These are short stories about our five friend’s day to day lives within their families and their neighbourhood, their adventures and their imaginings, but especially, these are stories about friendship!

Copyright Notice

Creative Commons License

This book is copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. This means the book can be freely distributed by anybody, and we would like to ask everybody to do so! We encourage creative uses of the book and it's contents, but request that the user seeks permission before doing so, as to control and prevent it's use for any discriminatory purposes. Commercial use of our book or its contents are explicitly prohibited.

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